Admission notice of China Dredging Association

Admission condition

  1. Acknowledge the statutes of the association and preserve the rights and interests of the association;
  2. Voluntarily join the association, undertake the entrusted affairs of the association and implement the resolutions of the association;
  3. Keep a certain influence in the dredging industry;
  4. Quantified corresponding qualification or business qualification certificate, and registered in China;
  5. Pay membership fee according to the regulations.

Admission procedure

  1. Fill the application form and the general information of CHIDA membership form and cover the official seal. (Please download the application form and the general information of CHIDA membership form from: downloaded).
  2. Please scan the sealed business license and the forms mentioned above (with seal), and send to the Secretariat email of the China Dredging Association.
  3. The association will examine the materials according to that submitted by application units
  4. The units admitted to membership after examination will issue the members’ ‘admission notice’.

Aannual fee standard of CHIDA

(approved by the 4th general assembly, 20th Jun, 2017)

  1. 40,000CHY annual fee for the president of a council membership unit
  2. 2,5000CHY annual fee for the vice president of a council membership unit
  3. 1,000CHY annual fee for the council membership unit
  4. 3,000CHY annual fee for the council membership unit


  1. The membership fee is mainly used for member services and secretarial office expenditure.
  2. The branch affiliates of the association do not charge the membership fee.

Collection unit

Deposit bank Beijing Dongzhimen branch, CMBC.
account No.: 862980048210001
Contacts: Chen Haijie
Tel: 010-53699680,13716872016
Fax: 010-64475626
Postal address: Rm603, Unit C2, Yingte apartment, No.28, Xibahexili, Chaoyang district, Beijing





Admission notice of China Dredging Association download


China Dredging Association:

In view of the China Dredging Association is a national, industrial and non-profit social organization voluntarily formed by Chinese dredging industry and related enterprises and institutions, it is committed to the development of national dredging industry. In order to promote the cooperation and development of the dredging industry and our unit, we voluntarily join the China Dredging Association and applies to be a member unit___ or a council unit (tick in the options).

Application projects Membership fees per year Options Comments
Member unit 3,000 CNY   Please tick in the options bar
Council unit 10,000 CNY  
Representative name   Mobile  
Position   E-mail  

Our company is committed to abide by the association’s regulations, actively participate in the association’s affairs, and pay the membership fee on time.

Name of Application Institution:


Application date:

Unit contact information

Contacts :                                                   Position :
Tel:                                                             Wechat/QQ
Add:                                                            Postcode:
E-mail:                                                      Fax:
Website of the unit :

Contact information of CHIDA:
Postal address:603, Unit C2, Yingte apartment, Xibahe, Chaoyang district, Beijing (postcode100028)

Contacts: Chen Haijie
Tel: 010-53699680
Fax: 010-64475626
Tel: 13716872016





General information of CHIDA membership

 General information of CHIDA membership
 Affiliation   Organization properties   
 Industry type □Dredging, port and waterway engineering      □Dredging equipment      □Research and design      □Others
 Registered Capital   Place of registration   Quatification level   Date of establishment  
Corporate representative name   Position   Age   Business license No.  
Add   Postcode  
Mobile    Tel   Fax   E-mail  
Business scope (scope of business license)  

Company profile: historical development, enterprise’s main business performance (products, construction and research, etc.), enterprise’s industry position.













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